Statistics of CAF Spring 22 Result

Statistics of CAF Spring 22 Result.
Poor Performance in FAR-1 & Company Law.

Paper:. Passing Percentage
FAR-1:. 23.35%
Tax:. 31.02%
CMA:. 40.15%
Blaw:. 45.42%
FAR-2:. 26.85%
MFA:. 37.42%
Claw:. 21.95%
Audit:. 32.58%

Highest Performance is Blaw. Mostly students were those who passed in Crash Batch.
A student with serious attitude can pass blaw in just 30-45 days
A student with Non serious attitude can be disqualified because of 8 attempts in law.

Tax was and still one of the easiest paper to pass in CAF and results in previous attempts was 60% too, however in this attempt just only 30%.
The main reason is mostly students were expecting the same pattern and question as tested in previous attempts, However Examiner just changed the pattern and result decline to 50%.

Lowest Result in FAR-1 means mostly students were those who haven’t studied Introduction to Accounting and Currently struggling in FAR-1.

Audit as usual lower percentage. But it’s normal.
However a Big Question Mark on Passing Percentage of FAR-2?.

Choice is yours.

Study and Pass
Enjoy 6 Months Batch and Blame ICAP/RAET on result day and switch to another Field.

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