Sir Atif Abidi CAF 4 Blaw Lectures 2022

Attention CAF 04 (Business Law) Students ICAP ! ! !

As per the promise, please click on the link to watch ICAP Revision classes for the subject. I have updated and edited these lectures to meet the changes of latest syllabus and the book including the 3 new chapters.

Please ignore the reference of any chapter number or the words “M.Law” used in these videos. Purpose is to provide the classes synced with latest syllabus so that the students doing it on a self-study basis and some of the junior teachers can get a guidance on the latest contents and how to understand and present that. Nevertheless there still exists some chances of minor errors and omissions. Students are requested to use ICAP Official text or my book “B.Law Made easy” concurrently with these lectures to ensure completeness.

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