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Basic Question and Their Answers Relating to Induction
I tried to answer, Frequently Asked Questions.
If you have any question in mind, please comment below or inbox me.

How to prepare CV?

Just download free template/format from ICAP website and edit it according to your own information
Download online CV format and update information.


After making CV, send it to any senior for review purpose.

What to do till Result?

Just Relaxed and Enjoy Your Free Time.
Try to learn basic skills like MS Office and improve your confidence level.
Must try to learn some speaking skills too.

From where we can get information about opening of Induction?

A). Join the largest and reliable community for CAs Professional “CA Star” for latest updates.
You can also join our specified WhatsApp Group for Induction Related Information and Guidance.

When Induction will start in Big3?

induction in KPMG and AFF will start before result (as per previous routine) and final shortlisting process will be after result.

You have to fill online form which will be available after announcement by respective firms.

What are the Categories of CA Firms?

In Pakistan,
ICAP only categorize firm in QCR and Non QCR Rating.

Category A, B , C is Issued by State Bank of Pakistan. (Also audit oversight Board too)
Only these firms are eligible to conduct Audit of Banks. (Subject to Certain Condition as A Category firm can conduct audit of all banks , B Category firm can conduct audit of Banks having assets upto 100M or upto 160 Branches).

Further More, ICAP Issued the Satisfactory QCR Rating to Firms.

QCR Rated Firms are Eligible to Conduct Audits of
1) Listed Companies
2). Public Interest Companies
3) Economical Significant Companies

All A,B,C Category Firms also hold Satisfactory QCR Rating from ICAP.

As Per ICAP Policy, All QCR Rated are Equally Competent (No Ranking)
But Students can make Ranking according to Clients, Environment and firm’s Culture.

At the End
small Firms (Non QCR Rated) can conduct audit of other than above mentioned Companies. (In short small companies or NPOs)

Can you tell me about department in Firms?

Department in Firms.

Normally A Category Firm and some other firms have separate department
✓ Audit (Internal, External)
✓ Tax
✓ Advisory
✓ Corporate
✓ ERP ( in few firms)
✓ Outsourcing (Bookkeeping Mainly)

It’s firm choice where’s they induct you.
Where You Get an Opportunity, Go there and Try to Learn.

In small firms , Normally Small QCR Rated and Non QCR Rated Firms, no separate department.
Trainees have to work in all departments.

What question they asked in Tests & interview?

Normally There are two types of Interview as well as Test.
1) Subject Related
Some firms Test include subject related question.
Subject: Law (Company Act & Management/Meetings Normally)
Audit: Normally Procedure or Audit Report
Financial Reporting
Reporting: Favorite Standard like IAS 10,37, IFRS 15, IAS16 etc

2) General Tests
Mcqs based
Mcqs Include
✓ General Knowledge
✓ Synonyms
✓ English Grammar
✓ Concept Based Question
✓ Simple Math

Same for Interview

Some will ask about favorite Subject
Then Favorite Topic or Standard
Then after your answer, they will ask Question from that Standard.

Furthermore, Interviewers can ask questions about you, Attempt in CA and information written in CVs

Can result awaiting students join firm?

Yes can join, But now a days Criteria in most of the firms is “CAF Qualified” just because of Large number of CAF Qualified Students are available in market.

When to start CFAP?

I’ll suggest you to wait till result and enjoy your free time.
You must try for Articleship and after getting article, start your CFAP Journey.

Importance of Reference in getting article?

If you can’t get article on merit (because of tough competition) you still can join good firm just because of strong External or Internal reference.

When Induction will start?

Most of the firms will start induction after result and some will start in this Month too.
Stay connected with CA Star for latest updates.

Is PCSC and WST is Compulsory for getting article?

However new Trainees have to complete data analyst or Fin Tech course during the article.

Q ) Tell me about some good firms other than A,B,C Caterogy
Some Good QCR Rated Firms (as per my knowledge and students feedback)
✓ Zulfiqar Ahmad and Co
✓ Amir Salman Rizwan and Co
✓ Rizwan and Co

Talib e dua: Qaiser Gashkori

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