Relevant for “Fast Track” Students

Some Suggestions (Not Recommendation) for Those AFC (June Attempt) Students who are Interested in “Fast Track” of CAF.

After Passing AFC in Dec, Either go for CAF-1, or CAF-2 or Both ?

The Answer is Simple,

If you are Competent and think that you can manage both then Surely go for both CAF1&2 and Save 6 Months

You Just need Motivation and daily 4-6 Hours of Study with Planning (other than Classes) to Pass these 2 Subjects.

If you are From Accounting Background or you are Strong in Numbers and Interested in only 1 Paper then Go for CAF-1.
Although Extra Efforts Required to Grab Concepts But If you will be able to Pass this in March , Your Next Combinations will be Easy.
You can either go for 4 (CAf-2,3,4,5) , Then 4 (6,7,8,9)
3 (CAF-2,3,5) then 3 (CAF-4,6,7 ) then Last 2(CAF-8,9).

If you Think You are Strong in Thoery then go for CAF-2.

To Pass Exams,
You Just need to Follow these Steps

✓ Effective Learning from Lectures on Daily Basis
✓ Highlighting Important Lines/Adjustment/Topics on Daily Basis
✓ Memorize Key Points And Revise them in Free Time.
✓ Chapter Wise Past Papers Practice at the End of Each Topic/Chapter
✓ Reading of Examiner Comments for Important/Tough Question

✓ Attempt Test for Self Assessment
✓ Planning for Revision
✓ Effective Revision
✓ Performance in 3 Hours of Exams with Confidence by following Positive Approach.
After that
✓Prayers for Best Results

At The End
The Most Important Thing
Stay Away From Demotivators.

Best of Luck to All.

Regards: SC E-learning

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