Relevant for CAF Students

How Much Serious we are about “Study”?

The Last Date to fill exams form for CAF Sep Attempt is July 12
Most of the students are worrying about
“How to refund a fee of paper”
“How can I carry forward my exams fee”.

یہ وہ لوگ ہیں جو پچھلے دو چار دن میں فارم فل کر کے ایسے سوالات کر رھے ھیں ۔

Dear Students!
Selection of Paper is very very important.

Must fill form only for those papers which you are studying from start and taking proper lectures.

If you are thinking about 3 or 4 Papers and your more than 50% Lectures are pending
Just drop the Paper (Just One, Least Prepared) before filling the form.

Don’t go with hope that “Tukka lg jaey ga”.

These 2 Months are Most Important.
July and August can Change your results
From pass to fail or Fail to pass.

If a new student can pass 2 Paper in Crash Course then you can easily pass 3 Papers in full Batch.

Just use these 2 Months effectively.

Complete your Lectures till 31 July
One Month Revision with Planning can help you in getting desired results.

In Sha Allah, I’ll share revision plan for last 30 days which will be beneficial for effective preparation.
But before this, Completion of Course is Compulsory.

Don’t Loose Hope
Ignore the previous wastage of time
Stay Positive
Start Studying Now.

Best Wishes.

Qaiser Gashkori
SC E-learning

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