Relevant for AFC Students

Congratulations to those who have passed AFC.


Focus on Next Target. (Learn, Prepare and Pass CAF-4 Law in 1.5 Months).

Last & Final date to submit exams form is 24 January.+Learn basic Concepts of Accounting

(free lectures available on You Tube by Sir Dawood Shahid.

Free Lectures of Sir Jahnazaib is also available on neerpear)

.Don’t Go for Long Batch. (Personal Suggestion)

Those who were not able to pass, have to appear in relevant paper of PRC+ Introduction to Accounting and Economics.

For example, students failed in IT have to appear in PRC 5 + Intro and Economics. If you further need any guidance, feel free to contact me.

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2 thoughts on “Relevant for AFC Students”

  1. Uzair nisar

    Sireri Afc ma English exempt thi or QT or IT pass ho gai ha BC ma mera 23 marks aya hain.
    Ab mjy prc ma konsa papers dena hoha ?

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