Qualifying Assessment Test (QAT)

To be eligible for enrollment in the Qualified Admission Test (QAT), a candidate must satisfy the following criteria:

(a) If the aggregate marks in their Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC) fall below 60% but remain between 50% and 60%.

(b) If they have passed A-Level with an aggregate equivalence of less than 60%, but not lower than 50%, in three subjects.

(c) Successful completion of the QAT is possible only if the HSSC or A-Level examination was cleared within the 36 months preceding the enrollment date.

In cases where the above conditions are not met, students will have the option to directly enroll in the (PRC).

QAT Lectures

Maximum attempts

(i) The candidates shall have a maximum of three attempts to pass QAT.
(ii) The candidates passing QAT shall enroll for PRC within twelve months from the date of
passing QAT.

Administration of Examination

  • You have the flexibility to enroll at any time for SC E-learning QAT lectures, allowing you to prepare at your own pace.
  • The ICAP will provide the QAT on a quarterly basis.

syllabus details

QAT WhatsApp Group for Queries and Discussion

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