PRC 5 ITB may 2022 feedback

Itb feedback

5th factor of production
Is knowledge

Scenario dya tha or btana tha objective he ya goal

General over all aims is called goal

Misson ke do purpose puchay thay

Non executive directors ke baray me pucha tha

Patnership ke disadvantages

Enterprenual organization ka scenario dya tha

Matrix organization has permanent authority and command true or false

Typical structure of organizational structure are departmentalization
Division of labor delegation( all of these is right option)

Manager having large number of subordinates
Tall narrow or wide flat

Short term finance doesn’t include bank loans trade credit (term loan is right option)

Operating lease ka scenario tha

A person wanted to start na new business which one is best suitable option which requires less documentation and minimum cost
Trade payable
Isuance of new loans
Bank loan

Operation lease is as off balance sheet item

A company can obtain_______ by retained earnings ans equity financing

Main methods of issuing new shares for cash don’t include
Issuing Bonus share to existing shareholders

In case of bankrupty Preferred holders are paid first other than bond holders ans False

Equity financing dividends are not tax deductible and are paid ater tax income

Primary storage is votatile and easily accessible by computer

Which system use both internal and external data for decision making
Tps Dss Eis

Personal management reporting might not include tenure profiling
Absence analysis gender and diversity mix information (less job satisfaction ) is right option

Tactial management uses MIS and DSS

Mirror test

High employee turnover might not be due to geographical location of work

CSR might not include (to business in ethical way to maximize profit)

IFAC code of ethics include truthful ness integrity professional behavior Trust( correct b and c)

Branding ki defination

Digital products invlude ebook and psd files

price is highest competitive in maturity face

In Selection process background and references check is after offer job to employment(false)

Training and development ki defination ulti di wi thi to both are incorrrect

Internal recruitment ke benefits

Gining is a process in which raw materials like cotton viscose are converted into yarn (false)

Payments to drug regulayory authoritiy of Pakistan include
Drugh registration renewal fees and drug manufacturing license fees

Processing crude oil and natural gas into end usee form(mid stream)

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