MS EXCEL: Frequently Used Short Keys

Close a workbook Ctrl+W
Open a workbook Ctrl+O
Go to the Home tab Alt+H
Save a workbook Ctrl+S
Copy Ctrl+C
Paste Ctrl+V
Undo Ctrl+Z
Remove cell contents Delete key
Choose a fill color Alt+H, H
Cut Ctrl+X
Go to Insert tab Alt+N
Bold Ctrl+B
Center align cell contents Alt+H, A, then C
Go to Page Layout tab Alt+P
Go to Data tab Alt+A
Go to View tab Alt+W
Open context menu Shift+F10
Add borders Alt+H, B
Delete column Alt+H,D, then C
Go to Formula tab Alt+M
Hide the selected rows Ctrl+9
Hide the selected columns Ctrl+0
Move to the previous cell in a worksheet or the previous option in a
dialog box.

Move one cell up in a worksheet. Up Arrow key
Move one cell down in a worksheet. Down Arrow key
Move one cell left in a worksheet. Left Arrow key
Move one cell right in a worksheet. Right Arrow key
Move to the edge of the current data region in a worksheet. Ctrl+arrow key
Move to the last cell on a worksheet, to the lowest used row of the
rightmost used column.


Extend the selection of cells to the last used cell on the worksheet
(lower-right corner).


Move to the cell in the upper-left corner of the window when Scroll Lock
is turned on.

Home+Scroll Lock
Move to the beginning of a worksheet. Ctrl+Home
Move one screen down in a worksheet. Page Down
Move to the next sheet in a workbook. Ctrl+Page Down
Move one screen to the right in a worksheet. Alt+Page Down
Move one screen up in a worksheet. Page Up
Move one screen to the left in a worksheet. Alt+Page Up
Move to the previous sheet in a workbook. Ctrl+Page Up
Move one cell to the right in a worksheet. Or, in a protected worksheet,
move between unlocked cells.

Exit the floating shape navigation and return to the normal navigation. Esc
Open the Insert hyperlink dialog. Ctrl+K
Check spelling in the active worksheet or selected range. F7
Display the Quick Analysis options for selected cells that contain data. Ctrl+Q
Display the Create Table dialog box. Ctrl+L or Ctrl+T
Select the first command on the menu when a menu or submenu is

Repeat the last command or action, if possible. Ctrl+Y
Undo the last action. Ctrl+Z

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