How to Pass CAF-02

U still have enough time to prepare and Pass CAF-2 if u work with Planning and on daily Basis by focusing on most important Areas.
Study Material:
For Micro Chap 1-5 u may use Rise book as an alternate of ICAP Study Text if u face any difficulty while studying from ICAP Study Text.
For Macro & Finance Chap 6-15 ICAP Study Text is best option. (U may use Rise book too for this portion)

To get an idea about general mistakes , must read Examiner Comment of any one or two attempts.
How to Prepare:
✓ Read the Topic
✓ Understand the main idea of Topic ( or at least understand Urdu Translation)
✓ Memorize Key Points & Practice Graph if any
✓ Practice Past Papers at the end of each Chap
Most Important Chap 6,9,11,12&14 almost 40+ marks
Also 4&5 are imp in Micro area 25+ marks.

Best Of Luck ❤

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