Exemption From Hands-On Courses (HOC)

(1) Exemption from Hands-on Courses shall be granted subject to the following condition:

(i) Criteria for exemption from HOC shall be as follows:
(a) the syllabus contents and learning outcomes of the course match at least 70%
with that of the prescribed syllabus of the Institute or are of more advanced level;

(b) a person has secured a minimum of 60% marks or equivalent grades in the course;
(ii) for courses on technology, a person has passed the course no earlier than three years
from the date of application for exemption.

(iii) Additionally, the following shall be

Exempt from PPE

(a) A person who has commenced training on or before the effective date of this
(b) Four-year degree holders from any recognized university;
(c) Candidates holding equivalence of four-year degree issued by HEC on the basis of
their professional qualification;
(d) Candidates who have completed PCSC – 1; or
(e) Candidate who are enrolled in PCSC under Education and Training Scheme 2013
and successfully complete the same not later than February 28, 2022

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