Exams Techniques, Reasons of Failure & General Guidelines

“How to Pass CAF”
Pass = Preparation + Performance

Preparation = 3-5 Months Period
Performance = 3 Hours of Exams

Both Preparation & performance are equally important to pass CAF exams.
U can pass with average Preparation & good Performance
But U can’t pass exams with good Preparation & bad Performance in exams.

So u are requested to Improve ur Preparation as well Performance.

Now the Question is
“Why Students can’t perform well in 3 hours of exams”
Here I’m mentioning some reasons.
✓ Lack of Self Believe.
( To Improve this Motivate urself by saying “I can do it” or any other Motivational quote)

✓ Panic (be Relaxed & Calm. Prayers will help u to get rid of this shit)

✓ Poor Time Management (to avoid this please Improve ur Writing speed in practice & also try to Attempt maximum not perfect. If u goes to perfection it’s impossible to complete Paper)

✓ Lack of Self Confidence ( a lot of students might have answers in mind but unable to right on Page because of Confusion. So Improve ur Confidence to avoid this).

1) Reasons of Failure Because of Preparation

✓ Non Seriousness (students are not interested to take classes on daily basis)

✓ Lack of Consistency
( ”Kal sy Pakka Parho ga” is one of the major reasons of failure)

✓ Revision Problem:
At the End students may face Problem in revision specially in Theory.
So from ist day , mark/highlight the important Concepts/topics/adjustments so that at the end u can review them easily.

✓ Lack of Practice.
Remember that Quality of Practice matter a lot instead of quantity.
Try to Attempt at least 6-8 Attempt Paper in Proper format & allocated time during Practice.

✓ Not Interested In Test
(Most important for self assessment. Please make sure to Attempt all test during the session)

✓ Selective Study
Not Recommended at all.
Try to cover upto 100% SYLLABUS.

✓ Lack of Priority & Planning
(Focused on those Chapter ist which are relatively Easy & marks securing)

General Guidelines:

  • Planning.
    “An idiot with Plan can beat the genius without plan’
    So make ur plan on weekly/monthly basis & set Targets for urself.
    Also tried to achieve these targets
  • Past Papers analysis:
    Review the PP analysis to get an idea about the importance of each Topics.
  • Prayers
    تقدیر بدلتی ہے دعاؤں کے اثر سے
    (Dua sy Bad Luck nahi ho ga, Panic hony sy bach jao gy )
  • Read Out Examiner Comments to get an idea about General Mistakes. (At least 2-3 Attempts)
  • Select Papers Carefully.
    3 Papers are more than Enough.
    At least Never go for 5.
    (Only 2 students in this
    Attempt & no one in last Attempt who passed 5 Papers of CAF in a single Attempt)
  • Please Stay away from Demotivators ☑️💢How to Answer in Exams:
    For Thoery (CAF 2,3,4,9)
    Read the mindset of Examiner by Reading the Suggested answer carefully.

For Numericals :
Ur Presentation of answer & working must be clear as well as readable.
(Properly refer working)

Further for any queries regarding Selection of Subjects/Teacher/Institute, Preparation of any Subject of any other Study Related queries please Inbox me or Whatsapp

Please Note that being a student these are my Personal Opinion, everyone have right to disagree.

Suggestions/feedback/criticism are warmly well Come from anyone….

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