Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Educational Scheme 2021



PRC-1 Business Writing and Comprehension Skills
PRC-2 Quantitative Methods
PRC-3 Principles of Economics
PRC-4 Introduction to Accounting
PRC-5 Introduction to Business

Certificate in Accounting and Finance (CAF)

Group A
CAF-1 Financial Accounting and Reporting-I
CAF-2 Tax Practices
CAF-3 Cost and Management Accounting
CAF-4 Business Law
Group B
CAF-5 Financial Accounting and Reporting-II
CAF-6 Managerial and Financial Analysis
CAF-7 Company Law
CAF-8 Audit and Assurance
Hands-on Courses (HOC)

Certified Finance and Accounting Professional (CFAP)

CFAP-1 Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting
CFAP-2 Advanced Corporate Laws and Practices
CFAP-3 Strategy and Performance Measurement
CFAP-4 Business Finance Decisions
CFAP-5 Tax Planning and Practices
CFAP-6 Audit, Assurance, and Related Services

Multi-Subject Assessment (MSA)

MSA-1 Financial Reporting and Assurance Professional Competence
MSA-2 Management Professional Competence

passing marks shall be 50% in each subject.

PRC Maximum attempts

  1. minimum of three areas in a maximum of twelve months from the date of the first
    the attempt of PRC.
  2. Those who have passed three areas in such twelve months shall have three additional months for clearing assessment of the remaining two areas.
  3. The first attempt of assessment shall not be earlier than three months from the date of enrolment for PRC assessments


Maximum attempts For CAF

  1. Pass at least 6 papers Within 48 Months from the date of first attempt
  2. Pass remaining papers (2 Papers) 12 Months (additional)

(a) Examineesshall be permitted to attempt papers of CAF if they fulfill the registration
(b) Examinees shall first attempt papers of Group A.
(c) Unless a lower number of papers remains, an examinee shall attempt a minimum of
three papers.

(d) Examinees will be permitted to appear in Group B on passing at least two papers
from Group A.

Exemption From Certificate In Accounting And Finance (CAF)

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