CAF 01 Financial Accounting and Reporting – I (Sir Taha Lectures)

Profit, Sales revenue and types of costs

fixed cost, variable cost and cost graphs

Breakeven point

Semi-variable and semi-fixed cost

Direct and indirect cost

How to identify costs

margin and markup

Labour cost piecework and hourly

Labour gross pay and net pay

Direct workers and indirect workers

High low method

Ratio Lectures

Financial measures
• Return on investment details
• Return on capital employed part 1
• Return on capital employed part 2
• Asset turnover
• Operating profit margin
• Current and Quick ratio
• Debtor days
• Payable days
• Stock days
• GP margin and GP markup
• Gearing ratio and interest cover
• Ratios practice

• Making b/s and pnl from ratios
Youtube videos
Margin markup
Current and Quick ratio
Spring 2020 FAR1 – ICAP past paper
Vertical and Horizontal analysis
Ratios playlist – watch all videos

May 2017 Paper 32 Question 2
Manufacturing and Trading Business difference
Manufacturing accounting basic
Manufacturing accounting work in progress
Manufacturing account basic example
Manufacturing account advanced example

Provision for unrealised profit

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