AFF karachi office feedback

*Aff. Khi office*
*21 may 2022*
1st and only interview with partner. Duration: 45 mins approx
When I entered the room he asked why you are late I gave my reason after which following questions were asked:
1) what is most important in this field of ours? I said ethics
After this we had a 15 min discussion only on ethics.
2) Then he asked do you have to support your family full-time? I said no.
3) He said any future ambitions of joining your father’s business, I said once I am done with my qualification I will definitely explore that option.
4) Asked when did you make your mind about CA. I said in olevels. After which futher 10 mins he discussed my whole education journey till now.
5) Now he started asking syllabus questions. He asked about deffered tax. Then said do we record deffered tax for permanent differences.
6) Then he asked about audit planning phase. After that he told about different audit opinions and asked me the situations in which each opinion is given? (I was unable to recall these so I told him I am unable to recall)
7) He asked about myself anything other than what was on the CV.
So I told him I love chess and I have done a small gardening business.
8) After that he said do you have any questions, to which I responded:
i) We are taught about whistle blowing policies, are there any of those in aff? He said there is a seperate department and
we also train interested candidate to highlight irregular activities.
ii) I asked him about rotation between dept. he said this interview is primarily for assurance but we do rotate candidates to internal audit and tax if we see potential in that person (but not necessarily)
8) After which he asked me why are you doing ACCA (I gave my response which is irrelevant for others I guess)
9) He had to rush for prayers so we both rose up from our seats and he said (Coming late will be taken as non-seriousness towards your career)

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