AFF ISLAMABAD 1st interview Feedback

*May 28, 2022(Saturday)*
I entered room.
The environment was peaceful.
When I sit in the chair.
The interviewers introduce themselves.
*Sawaira mera name Moeen hy or mere sath Sir Ahsan hain we are senior managers here ap bhi apne bare Mai kuch btayain*
Then I introduce myself.
After that they ask about my siblings education.
Then they ask a question
Apka medical background hy then why did you choose CA?

Phir mai out of city sy thi tu onhu ny kaha ap kese manage karain gi sb
Sometimes we don’t give eid or other festivals leave in case of urgent work.
So how you go to home?

Secondly koi traveling issue tu nhi
I said no.

Then they ask about my two weeknesses

*Then they started asking books related questions.*

What is your favourite subject?
I said, Audit
What is audit opinion
Audit ka or question tha yaad nhi

What is unusual variation
What is deferred tax asset and is this condition occur that deferred tax assets become zero.
Which is your favourite standard in accounting
Explain any one standard you like.
How many type of depreciations

In the last apka koi question hy hm sy
I said no
Then I said thank you and left the room.

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