30 Days Challenge for CAF Students

Utilize remaining time effectively and Increase the chances of your success.

I believe Anyone can Pass His/Her CAF Exams by Utilizing Remaining 30 Days Effectively. (If you have at least Taken All Lectures).

Accept The Challange & Start Studying with following Suggested (Not Recommended) Guidelines.

✓ First of all, Be Confident, Believe on Yourself & Motivate yourself by saying “I can do”.

✓ Go Through the Past Papers Analysis or ICAP Grid and Highlight Important/Key Areas/Topics

✓ Make a Effective Plan (Daily Basis)

If you have 50% or More Pending Lectures
Then Simply Drop the Subject and Focus on Other Subjects.

✓ First Cover the Topic then take a Short Break, After that Practice Past Papers then move to next Topic/Chap with same Practice.

✓ Divide Syllabus is 3 equal Parts (marks wise) and allocate one week for each part.

1) Important , Relatively Easy and Mark Securing Areas (just like in CAF 8, Chap 1,2,11,12,13 are relatively simple and marks securing area. (22-30 marks)
Must cover 100%>

2) Important but Little Bit Tough ( For Example IFRS-15 in FAR-2)
Try to Cover Maximum

3) Least Important Areas ( Try to Cover at least 70% ) Just like Appeal, Assessment etc Theory in CAF 2.

✓ In Week Number 4, Fix 1 day for each Subject to Attempt Mock & Last Attempt ICAP Paper.

✓ While attempting mock, must focus on presentation and time management skills.
Complete each question within allocated time.

Some general revision tips

If you are cricket fan, just change your Study Hours and enjoy PSL without any effect on study.
Start studying at 7:00 am and complete your target before match.

  • If you think your knowledge about Topic is not upto the mark, then Take revision classes of any 1 Teacher. (Free available from different Institute like ICAP, ARTT, CFE, CAME)
  • Make your schedule according to your own mindset. Don’t follow anyone schedule blindly.(amend according to your own position). i.e
    One student can study same subject for a whole day but other can’t.
    One student is allocating more time on specific topic, but other has already done it.
  • Practice Past Papers by using your concepts.
    Don’t use past Papers to build Concepts.

Avoid This Chus Please 👇
“فلاں سوال کے سلوشن میں ایسے تھا تو یہاں بھی ایسے ھونا چاھئے، ایگزامنر تھوڑی سی انگریزی بدل دیتا ھے اور آپ غلط کر کے کہتے ھیں میں نے ٹھیک کیا تھا مگر ICAP پاس نہیں کرتا.
If you need any guidance relating to any subject, you can simply comment here or can message me.

Note: You can listen the same content on “SC E-learning” You Tube Channel, if you are not interested in reading.

Best Wishes to All

Kind Regard
Qaiser Gashkori

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